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Episode 12

Carly meets some cannibal women in the avocado jungle of death by watching "Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle Of Death", Johnny jumps, avoids things and runs right in Jill of th...

Episode 11

Corey takes a wrong turn into Dead-End Drive In, Johnny is troubled by repetitive funk and the highly anticipated return of Casey and Luke in Classifieds: Episode 2  

Episode 10

Carly gets excitingly frightened by the power of Igorrr, we discuss the poor monitoring skills of school IT and the debut reading of our groundbreaking web series that we are tota...

Episode 9

Johnny edutains us through Mixed-Up Mother Goose; Carly meets us, hates us initially but learns through the power of montage to love us ultimately via romantic comedy tropes, and ...

Episode 8

Johnny barks up the right tree with Caninus, Carly experiences quite possibly the most offensive game ever made and the pitch for Young Adult Kung Fu turns into a kickass debate.

Episode 7

Corey finally understands why 1982 sucked for gaming through the power of ET: The Extra-Terrestrial Video Game, Carly gargles some Russian throat-signing and we debate whether Mile...

Episode 6

Johnny learns that swing and metal are an unlikely marriage of audio amazement, Carly educates us on how to enter your festival film favourite and Hobby Horse Racing finally gets t...

Episode 5

Carly learns German through a lack of English subtitles, Corey bores the shit out of you via time-based pop-culture facts and Pikachu: the proper face of Pokemon; or an over-rated,...

Episode 4

Leisure Suit Corey in the Land of Antiquated Gaming, Baby + Metal + Carly = Weeaboo, and the Ukrainian Spy Thriller that is sure to get single digits on Rotten Tomatoes.

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